Almost ready…

Almost ready…

One more day before the pre-adventure begins: the drive to Prudhoe Bay. I can hardly wait, the drive itself will be a lot of fun, and certainly a whole lot easier and shorter than the ride back!!!

First and last test ride with almost all my gear. Pure bliss!

Some say the hardest part of a long trip is to get to the start, and I hope it is true because the last few weeks haven’t been very easy. Between knee issues and having to say goodbye to people I won’t get to see for maybe a very long time, I even forgot at times that I do this because it’s fun!!!

But the last few weeks have also been absolutely amazing. So many people showed their support in many different ways. Some wrote me a card or an email. Others took me out for coffee, ice cream or a meal. I received nice useful gifts such as camping soap, probiotics and energy bars. A friend lent me his car so I could save time while doing my last runarounds. I got a ride to the bus station in Quebec City. In Montreal, a friend, who took a day off to give me a hand with carrying my luggage to the airport, was waiting for me with a nice coffee and muffins from our favourite cafe. Another friend picked me up at the airport in Whitehorse and let me stay at her house while I was sorting all my gear (you can imagine the space I am using, but maybe not the incredible food she is baking!). And over the next 2-3 days, a friend will drive me all the way up to Prudhoe Bay, a 2000km drive from Whitehorse and we will have a sat phone that another friend lent to us for the trip. This is just some of the nice gestures that really mean a lot to me. There is more, and I haven’t even given my first pedal stroke on this journey yet!

My nice coffee and muffins from L’Etincelle cafe in Montreal. Really funny that the sign behind me says “Tired of being cold even in the summer?” It is an ad for a detox center (“gele” also means “stone” in French) but it seems appropriate when you look at the forecast for the North Dalton Highway! It is not warm up there!

I should be on my bike on Sarturday (weather permitting), and start riding south. It will be a while before I can update my website because there isn’t many internet cafes (or anything else, for that matter) on the Dalton Highway… It should take me at least 2 weeks before I reach Fairbanks, and hopefully by then my knees and the rest of my 43 year old body will have adjusted to the rhythm. I am sure I will already have lots of stories to tell.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I will be pedaling alone, but I will often think about all the people who are with me in thoughts and I am sure it will help me through the difficult times. And when things will be going well, I will be happy thinking about the stories I’ll be able to share later.

It is the biggest project I ever started, but inspired by Henry Ford’s quote “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”, I will take one section, one day or one hill at a time and we’ll see where that takes me!

German tour cyclists that I met near Whitehorse, they are going from Anchorage to California.

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  1. And there you are… ‘Cathmandu’ in the middle of ‘somewhere’ just the way she likes it – by herself in an aura of adventure; inner and outer :). Greetings from just after the Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival in Haines Junction! I hope this note finds you thrilled to have functioning knees! Best, Richard

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